5 Vital Signs Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

There have been so many recent developments in the world of hair care, it’s difficult to stay updated on everything. You’re simply googling, “how to fix dry hair?”, and in response comes a bulk of terms you have never even heard of. And now you’re just looking at your screen, wondering, “what does it mean that my hair is porous?” or “what is a hair cuticle, anyway?” or “how would I know if my hair needs a keratin protein treatment?”

Relax, we have answers to all of your questions. To figure out if your hair needs a protein treatment, you first need to know why our hair needs protein in the first place. According to research, almost 95% of human hair is made of protein, especially keratin. A hair mainly consists of two (three, in case of coarse, thick hair) layers: hair cuticle, and hair cortex (and hair medulla). Hair cortex comprises keratin protein, and is protected by a cuticle layer, which resembles fish scales.

As the hair ages, the cuticles are raised (because of environmental factors) which allow the protein and moisture to escape, leaving gaps in between the cuticles. This is where all your hair troubles begin; be it frizz, dryness, brittleness, dullness, breakage, or split-ends. That’s where a hair protein treatment comes in.



A keratin protein treatment contains keratin as the chief ingredient which repairs the hair shaft by filling in cuticles and sealing the gaps. Hence, a hair protein treatment is an optimal solution for your troubling hair. 

But how would you know if your hair needs a keratin protein treatment? We have simplified five major signs that are likely to occur if your hair is protein deficient: 

Your Hair Is Super Dry And Frizzy

There might be two reasons for dry hair; either your hair isn’t getting enough protein, or it has cracks which is allowing the protein to escape consistently. In both cases, keratin treatment for hair is just what you need. Not only will its strengthening properties deliver the required amount of protein to your hair, but also fill in the cracks, leaving it repaired and healthy. 

Your Hair Is Highly Porous

Let’s be honest; dealing with high-porosity hair is a task in itself. How are you supposed to take care of the hair that lets go of the moisture and protein as fast as it absorbs? Dryness, high porosity, frizz; it all comes down to one thing: your hair cuticles are damaged. Hence, a keratin protein treatment can save the day. 

Your Hair Is Fragile

The normal amount of hair loss is 100 strands per day. If you're, however, facing excessive breakage that’s not coming from the roots, and/or split-ends, there's a big chance your hair lacks protein. A hair protein treatment, in this regard, can make up for the protein deficiency in hair and strengthen it from within. 


The Best Keratin Protein Treatment


You Recently Treated Your Hair With Chemicals

Chemical treatments have a pH level higher than our hair’s natural pH. When we treat our hair with chemicals, our hair bonds are altered and the pH level is disturbed, which leads to hair cuticle damage and loss of protein. Therefore, if you’ve paid a visit to your stylist recently to get your favorite hair color, you better get keratin protein for hair as well. 

Your Hair Is Limp And Dull

Your hair needs a protein boost if it lacks bounce and shine, or looks dull, stringy, or mushy. An important thing to note here is that dryness isn’t the only indicator of protein deficiency in hair. Sometimes your hair might feel sticky and wet, and still lack protein. The balance of protein-moisture is highly important to maintain healthy hair. When your hair gets overly moisturized, it tends to change the texture and appear too sticky and lumpy. Hence, to balance it out, a protein treatment is necessary. 

Now, where can you find the ideal protein treatment that works wonders for your hair? Try GK Hair The Best Treatment, a keratin protein treatment that is formulated with the best nourishing ingredients. The Best Treatment contains Juvexin, an advanced keratin protein blend that seeks to restore hair health by filling in cuticle gaps. It makes up for lost protein in your hair and protects the hair from further environmental damage. This premium hair care treatment

delivers incredible results that last up to several months. Look out for these vital signs, and use The Best Treatment to maintain healthy, smooth hair. 


FAQ: What are the vital signs that indicate my hair needs a protein treatment?

Answer: There are several key indicators that your hair may benefit from a protein treatment. Look out for signs such as increased breakage, excessive dryness, loss of elasticity, limp or weak strands, and a lack of overall resilience. If you notice these symptoms, it's likely that your hair is in need of a protein boost to strengthen and restore its health.

FAQ: How often should I incorporate a protein treatment into my hair care routine?

Answer: The frequency of protein treatments depends on the condition of your hair. For those with severely damaged or over-processed hair, more frequent treatments may be necessary, such as every 2-4 weeks. Individuals with healthier hair can opt for a once-a-month treatment to maintain strength and prevent potential protein deficiencies. It's crucial to strike a balance, as excessive protein usage can lead to stiffness and brittleness.

FAQ: Can I use a protein treatment on color-treated or chemically processed hair?

Answer: Yes, many protein treatments are safe and beneficial for color-treated or chemically processed hair. In fact, these treatments can help fortify and rejuvenate hair that may have been compromised by coloring or chemical processes. However, it's advisable to choose a treatment specifically designed for color-treated hair to ensure it addresses both protein needs and color preservation. Always follow product instructions and, if uncertain, seek guidance from our experts for personalized recommendations.