GK Professional Hair Products - New formulas

GK Hair Professional products promise perfect results. We achieve these results through continuous improvement and innovation in our products and formulations. 2019 was a very fruitful year for our research and development. Not only have we added three brilliant new Titanium products to our range of hair tools, we've also improved the formula for some of GK Hair's popular professional haircare products. This year we upgraded three keratin treatments, GK Hair The Best, Miami Bombshell and Resistant into new formulas. In addition, we have improved the formula and packaging of Juvexin Brightening Powder for better results and easier application.

Juvexin powder for skin lightening

Juvexin Lightening Powder is a blue-based lightening agent that is popular with hair professionals for its powerful high-lifting properties. In 2019, we improved the product for better results and more protection.

The new formula of the Juvexin lightening powder offers around 9 lifting levels and protects every strand from damage. Therefore, the new Juvexin lightening powder can be your lightening-go-to-product for any hair color transformation. We fortified this formula with pectin for extra protection. Protects the hair from damage and keeps the moisture in the strands and prevents drying out in the event of strong usage. This product is now available in improved packaging for easy maintenance and use.


The BEST - The new best formula

The Best is a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment that contains our patented anti-aging protein blend, Juvexin. It simply works on the principle of locking Juvexin in strands of your hair and restoring them to a healthier and younger state.

The result of this treatment can be tailored to the hair needs of your clients - a feature that is most popular with end users. GK Hair developed the innovation, the active ingredient in the formula that provides nutrition for your hair and it promises 25% smoother results than before. Plus, it's now easier to use and apply thanks to improved consistency.

Strawberry Resistant

This year we expanded our smoothing hair care line to include Strawberry Resistant. It is also a Juvexin-based smoothing treatment and gives hair 100% smooth results just like Resistant.

Because it's a strong-acting formula, it's ideal for coarse and resistant hair. While it restores the hair to a younger state by healing from the inside, you will not see any frizz or flyaways for months after the treatment. Strawberries have improved consistency compared to other resistant treatments. In addition, it has a distinctive strawberry aroma and pink color. The new formula also promises the same outstanding results for all hair types.

Miami Bombshell - New Formula

Miami bombshell treatment for blonde hair. Blonde hair is usually more prone to damage and dryness. In addition, over time, the undesirable colors of orange and copper appear in blonde hair and make it dull.

Miami Bombshell is a keratin treatment that heavily repairs and conditions blonde hair and removes excess and tame hair. In addition, it effectively removes unwanted copper colors and makes hair fresh and beautiful. The formula has now been improved to give 25% better smooth results.

Help your customers become the best blonde bombshell Treatment ever!