Hair Color Levels and Different Volumes of Developers

Are you looking to achieve that perfect hair color but unsure about the developer levels and how they affect your results? Understanding hair color levels and different developer volumes is crucial for achieving vibrant and long-lasting hair color. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of hair dye developers, their strengths, and which one suits your coloring needs best.

Tips on How to Make Your Vibrant Hair Color Last Longer

Maintaining vibrant hair color isn't just about the initial application—it's about upkeep too. Start by using a color-protecting masque like GK Hair's Lock Me Color Masque, which deeply conditions and prevents dullness. Incorporate sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to extend the life of your color. Additionally, minimize heat styling and sun exposure, as these can fade color faster.

What are Levels?

In hair coloring, levels denote the shade intensity ranging from black (level 1) to the lightest blonde (level 10). Identifying your hair's current level helps determine how much lift or deposit is needed to achieve your desired color. This knowledge is crucial for selecting the appropriate developer volume for optimal results.

Most Formulas of Hair Colors Work with Developers Volume 10, 20, 30, and 40 in General and the Effects Are as Follows:

Developers come in various strengths, each serving a distinct purpose in hair coloring. A 20 Volume (6%) Developer is commonly used for lifting hair color by 1-2 levels, ideal when your starting hair color is not more than one shade darker than your desired shade. For effective results, pair it with GK Hair's Juvexin Cream Color for vibrant, nourished hair.

10 Volume (3%) Developer

A 10 Volume (3%) Developer is ideal for subtle color changes without lifting natural hair color significantly. It opens the hair cuticle gently, allowing color to deposit into the cortex. Use this developer with GK Hair's Juvexin Cream Color for enhancing natural hues with nourishing benefits.

20 Volume (6%) Developer

The GK Hair 20 Volume Developer is commonly used for lifting hair by 1-2 levels, making it suitable for most coloring scenarios. It effectively lightens hair from a darker shade to a lighter one, providing noticeable results. Pair it with GK Hair's Juvexin Cream Color for vibrant, nourished hair color transformations.

hair dye developer levels

30 Volume (9%) Developer

When you need a more significant lift in hair color, opt for a 30 Volume (9%) Developer. It lifts hair by 2-3 levels, making it suitable for achieving medium to lighter shades from darker bases. Ensure to use it with care and pair it with GK Hair's Juvexin Cream Color for nourished and vibrant hair.

40 Volume (12%) Developer

For intense lightening effects, choose a 40 Volume (12%) Developer. This strength lifts hair up to 8 levels, making it suitable for achieving blonde shades from darker hair colors. Ensure to follow proper application techniques and pair it with GK Hair's Juvexin Cream Color for optimal results and hair health.

Now that we've explored the various developer strengths—10 Volume (3%), 20 Volume (6%), 30 Volume (9%), and 40 Volume (12%)—let's delve into some expert tips to ensure you get the most out of your hair coloring experience.

Wunder Tips

To maintain vibrant and healthy hair color, consider these expert tips:

  • Use GK Hair's Lock Me Color Masque to nourish and protect your hair, extending the life of your color.
  • Option for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to preserve color intensity and prevent dryness.
  • Limit exposure to heat styling tools and UV rays, as these can accelerate color fading and damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Hair Coloring?

Choose your developer volume based on your desired hair color change. For subtle changes, opt for 10 Volume (3%) or 20 Volume (6%) Developer. For more significant lightening, consider 30 Volume (9%) or 40 Volume (12%) Developer.

Should I Use 20 or 30 Volume Developer Hair Color?

Use 20 Volume (6%) Developer for subtle to moderate hair lightening. Use 30 Volume (9%) Developer for more noticeable lightening, suitable when transitioning to lighter hair shades.

What is the Difference Between Hair Dye Volumes?

The difference lies in their strength to lift hair color. Higher volumes like 30 and 40 are stronger and lift hair more levels than lower volumes like 10 and 20.

Can I Use 30 Volume Developer with Permanent Color?

Yes, 30 Volume (9%) Developer is commonly used with permanent hair color to achieve significant lightening results.

How Much 20 Volume Developer to Mix with Hair Color?

Typically, mix equal parts of 20 Volume (6%) Developer with hair color for standard applications.

How Do You Mix Hair Color and Developer?

Follow the instructions provided with your hair color and developer. Generally, mix them in a 1:1 ratio for regular applications.

What Happens if You Use More Hair Color Than Developer?

Using too much hair color can alter the color outcome and affect how evenly it deposits on your hair. Always follow the recommended mixing ratios.


Achieving your desired hair color involves understanding the nuances of developer strengths and proper maintenance. Whether you opt for a subtle tint or a dramatic transformation, selecting the right developer volume is crucial. Pairing it with high-quality products like GK Hair's Juvexin Cream Color and Lock Me Color Masque not only enhances color results but also nourishes and protects your hair.

By following expert tips and using the recommended products, you can prolong the vibrancy of your hair color and maintain healthy-looking hair. Remember to consult with a professional stylist for personalized advice based on your hair type and color goals.

Explore the range of GK Hair products to elevate your hair coloring experience and achieve vibrant, long-lasting results.