Hair Serum by GK Hair, the best hair serum for happy and supple hair

Looking for a single solution to solve all your hair problems, from curling to styling? Then our best multipurpose hair serum is the ideal choice. It softens the hair after washing and protects it from heat styling. It also increases shine, eliminates frizz, strengthens hair, and protects it from damage.

You've probably heard of a long list of the best hair serum benefits, but do you understand what it does and how it works? The best hair serum is a liquid that forms a protective layer on top of the hair, unlike hair oil, which is injected into the hair follicles to repair damage and rejuvenate the hair. This polish smoothes the hair and then later de-frizz it. It also acts as a buffer against heat, dirt and other impurities. The best hair serum is rich in amino acids and argan oil that are beneficial to your hair. They prevent split ends by nourishing and hydrating each strand and repairing root hair follicles and cuticle. Liquid hair serum also helps to moisturize, soften and manage hair.

Why should I use serum hair oil?

Serum hair oil can help if you use straighteners or curling irons regularly, or if your hair is not elastic. When your hair becomes dehydrated, it can appear brittle and dull. If you are always pulling your hairbrush, you also need a little love. Most people use hair serum to prevent their hair from drying out and getting damaged. Some use it to prevent the hair from becoming dull or messy, while others use it to protect it from the heat of styling tools. To ensure that your hair gets the right nutrients, we use a silicone-free hair shine serum with natural ingredients. Silicone repels water, so when used on hair, it loses moisture and can cause problems such as hair breakage, dryness and curling. Let's look at some benefits of Hair Serum to clear your mind.

Serum Argan Oil For Hair - GK Hair UK

Benefits of Serum Hair Oil in Your Hair Care Routine

Hair serum oil was previously used only by professionals for hair styling, but now the market is full of different hair argan oil serum. Anyone can buy it, anyone can use it. Now that you know what a hair serum is, let's consider the benefits and precautions of using a hair serum.


Dry stains are taken care of with hair serum.

Our argan oil serum has not only argan oil as a key ingredient but also has a strong composition of vitamin E. Both amazing ingredients miraculously work together to create healthy hair and that shine you want. This means that anyone with a dry spot will benefit greatly from including serum hair oil in their hair routine in the future.


What makes argan oil so special? 

Let's analyze it. Argan oil protects the hair from inside out, making it brighter and easier to handle. It also works excellently as a decoupler. Therefore, it is less stressful on those points than trying to erase them. GK Hair Serum also improves suppleness and has antioxidant properties thanks to the concentration of Vitamin E. Hair serum is perfect for heat styling.

As we have mentioned before, it is imperative to use high quality ha-r shine serum for rock before trying any form of heat styling!


Why? If you use a heating device on your hair with no care, the intense heat will come into direct contact with your hair. There is no way to protect your hair cuticle from heat. The best hair serum acts as a moisture shield before the heat touches the hair. You will not be exposed to heat like this.



We also recommend using Hair Serum before stepping out of the house! This reseals each strand, preventing it from being generated by external factors such as UV rays, contamination, frequent stains that can destroy delicate strings.


Hair serum moisturizes the hair. Even if you are a hair care professional who uses conditioner regularly, brushes the edges first, and uses a hair mask every week, you still need hair serum oil. Not only does it provide an additional protective layer we can all use, but it also provides a deep conditioning boost, thanks to its vitamin content and oil-based recipe.


It is essential for the health of our hair. Protecting and conditioning from inside out with oil hair serum is a great way to make your health look healthier and more beautiful. Not only does this look good, but it also reduces salon visits and heat styling. and when someone asks you how is your hair so healthy with so little maintenance? Moment of pride *taking a bow*.

Use hair serum to prevent damage. As mentioned above, the ingredients of GK Hair Serum are ideal for sealing hair cuticles, preventing further damage and increasing internal hydration. As a result, treating locks in this way is an excellent strategy to ensure moisturization.


We are always looking for a simple and quick solution to protect our hair from the damage that can occur frequently. Therefore, we believe that including the best hair serum in your daily routine is important for the long-term health of your hair.

Prevent that crinkle in your hair

Frizz is never fun. In fact, we want to say that this is the most despicable aspect of our reality. However, before cutting reliable hair on your next visit, keep in mind that using argan oil serum can help maintain and control curly hair. Hair serum oil addresses many hair problems, not just one. There's one explanation-it's all but one answer for all your hair.

Hair Serum turns a messy hair day into a decent hair day. With just a few drops, your hair will look and feel unique.

Party friendly

If you want to spin your head, do Gangnam style or simply chicken dance at the next party or outing, make sure your hair is shiny, lush and healthy. Hair Serum instantly boosts dull hair and is ideal for use before big occasions.

Soft and easy-to-use hair is a blessing not everyone has. Many of us have rough, frizzy, rugged hair that is difficult to manage. This will be our best hair serum, the most reliable hair care product. Argan oil serum can completely change your mane. However, keep these strengths and weaknesses in mind for best results.

  • Hair serum is more effective when hair is slightly damp

  • For best results, always apply hair serum to thoroughly washed and towel-dried hair. Do not use wet hair. The products do not stick together and have no effect. Also, when applied to dirty hair, it can make the hair look greasy.

  • Use only a small amount of hair serum oil

  • Do not use too much serum on your hair, no matter how curly or dull. Overuse of the product can cause your hair to look dirty and stiff. Squeeze serum hair oil into the palm and apply to the length and edges depending on the length of the hair.

  • Use Hair Serum before styling your hair.

  • The best hair serum covers your hair tress with a protective layer. This ensures that your hair is protected from damage from heat styling tools. Use hair serum before ironing or curling to prevent damage and keep your hair soft and supple.

Information about your hair type and behavior

It is essential to consider your hair type when treating it as part of your daily care routine. There is a myth that you can't use serum for fine hair because it stays straight, but that's not the case. Softer products such as Hair Oil Serum are preferred over strong hyperhydration treatments for fine and oily hair. Apply hair serum evenly to damp hair to manage excess volume and give the hair a glossy finish. Do not use hair serum immediately.



Hair serum oil, unlike hair oil, has a high viscosity, which makes it a little more difficult for some people to massage into their hair. The suggestions are: Apply Hair Serum, not immediately after issuance. Rather, heat the product in the palm of your hand by rubbing for a few seconds so that the product decomposes and becomes slightly compressed. Soften the serum with the palm of your hand for 4 to 6 strokes to improve the slipperiness. It not only improves the performance of the serum in your hair but also ensures a more uniform and perfect coating.

Post-application tips

What do you do now that you have applied the hair serum? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Hair Shine Serum.

To remove knots and tangles in your hair, lightly brush. It dries the hair and makes it difficult for dirt and dust to stick to the hair.

Straighten and dress confidently, knowing that your hair follicles have been strengthened to withstand the damage that can be caused by applying heat to your hair. 

Is there any negative effect on hair serum?

Before using serum on hair, it is important to know the possible adverse effects.

Regular use of hair serum can cause your hair to become dry and unhealthy. Hair serum establishes a barrier that protects the hair, so it is essential to give the hair a break from time to time to provide the necessary nutrients and care. Root applications should be avoided, as they can be greasy or irritating. As they say, anything in excess is bad.  

What are the similarities between hair oil and hair serum?

Advances in science have made it possible to formulate lighter hair oils with multifunctional properties, but many hair oils can sneak up and feel heavy on the hair. However, lightweight hair serum does not make the roots of the hair look loose. The textures of the oil and hair serum are similar. For additional nourishment and ongoing care, consider complementing this routine with Leave-In Conditioner. This product provides continuous hydration and helps maintain the health and vibrancy of your hair.


Q1: How does the GK Hair Serum contribute to the health and appearance of my hair?

Answer: The GK Hair Serum is formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients that work together to promote healthy, happy, and supple hair. It helps to tame frizz, adds shine, and provides essential nutrients to the hair, making it more manageable and vibrant. Regular use of this serum can contribute to an overall improvement in the texture and health of your hair.

Q2: Is the GK Hair Serum suitable for all hair types?

Answer: Yes, the GK Hair Serum is designed to be versatile and suitable for all hair types. Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, fine, or coarse hair, this serum is formulated to address common concerns such as frizz, dryness, and lack of shine. It is a lightweight and non-greasy formula that can be applied to damp or dry hair, offering a universal solution for various hair care needs.

Q3: How should I incorporate the GK Hair Serum into my hair care routine?

Answer: For optimal results, apply a small amount of the GK Hair Serum to clean, damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. You can also use it on dry hair to add extra shine and manageability. Avoid applying too much product to prevent a greasy feel. The serum can be used daily or as needed to maintain happy, supple, and well-nourished hair.