You have already tried every hairstyle that could possibly come to your mind and your hair still doesn’t get any better – congratulations! You’re having a bad hair day. On one of these days when the hair is nothing but complete and utter disaster, what can possibly be done to make it at least presentable? 

First off, you’re gonna figure out the real reason behind your hair deciding to choose violence, and only then the solution can be proposed. One of the common reasons hair can act out of order on a crucial day is because we just do a little too much to make it look better. Probably the reason why you can easily nail the messy hair bun on an average day but heaven forbid if it ever looks good when you need it to. Here, a few possible reasons for a bad hair day you might not know of: 



Excessive Hair Washing


Have an event lined up for today? Or just a natural freak for frequent hair washing? Shampooing your hair everyday can really add up to the hair disaster. Even running water through your hair on a daily basis can be damaging. The ideal duration of a hair wash is once to twice a week. It allows your hair to produce enough natural oils to compensate for the moisture loss, so your hair stays healthy and nourished. 


…Or Not Washing Enough


Not washing your hair can also bring out the bad hair days. When you are on no-poo, your hair goes through a transitioning phase which causes the hair to react in an unpredictable manner. On some days, it stays voluminous and clean, on others, it’s only oil and grease. You can never tell the days apart. And honestly, with no-poo, you can’t really do much to fix your hair since you have to let it adapt to its current routine. So, be ready to look up for some easy hairstyles that could fix your unwashed bad hair days. 



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You Are Undergoing A Weather Change


Probably the reason your hair is acting weird is because it’s undergoing a weather change. It is important to note that the hair care routine and products that work for you in the summer might not work as well in winters. A different season makes the hair act out differently and hence, has different demands. Therefore, understand the pattern of bad hair days and figure out which tactics work for the season. 


Your Hair Needs Are Ignored


Just like your skin, your hair is different too, and needs a more personalized attention. Dry hair in particular needs more moisture than any other hair type. Similarly, oily hair needs a little less grease and a little more gentle cleaning. When these hair needs are ignored, they lead to a bad hair day. Your already dry hair might look extra dry today with hard-to-tame frizz, or your greasy hair might look as if you just dipped them in an oil container. Therefore, learn about your hair type, texture and posterity to figure out its needs. 


You’re Missing Out On A Nutritious Diet


You are what you eat - and that implies on your hair too. The outside care isn’t going to do anything if the hair isn’t receiving nourishment from the inside. If your hair feels excessively dry, brittle, frizzy, and sheds a lot, you might have a bad non-nutritious diet which is depriving hair of its basic needs. Add iron, protein and vitamins to your meals and drink gallons of water to keep a healthy mane. 




There are many reasons for a bad hair day; you might have figured out yours by then, So now, let’s move on to how you can fix a bad hair day and make the mane look socially acceptable without too much hassle. Here goes: 


Get Yourself A Dry Shampoo


On days when the hair feels extra greasy or lackluster, a dry shampoo works like a quick-fix. Dry shampoos are formulated to absorb excess oil from the hair and add volume to dull roots without having to wash it. A quality product such as GK Hair Vegan Dry Shampoo comes in handy on bad hair days and gives a gentle lift to your hair. Its all-natural formula absorbs sebum and excess oil without leaving any product residue behind. 


Get Yourself A Dry Shampoo



Or You Can Wash Half Your Hair


People with bangs, fringes, or basically any haircut that gets oilier from the front, this is for you. Get your hair on the sink and wash only the face framing section of your hair. This will give your hair a cleaner, fresher look which will automatically divert the attention from the rear part of your head. 


Embrace Your Hair Texture


Here’s a protip for you: If you feel like your hair isn’t doing well for the day, don’t try to play around with different hairstyles and looks. It just won’t work. For instance, if your hair is frizzy, don’t go off and try to tame it with a flat-iron. It will only prove to be counterproductive since the heat from the tool is only going to make your hair frizzier. It’s always better to embrace your natural hair texture. If your hair feels extra-greasy, throw in some gel and hairspray and do a sleek ponytail/bun. If your hair looks frizzy, a messy bun or a braid might be a good idea. 

Throw In A Few Accessories


Nothing says “good hair day” quite like a few accessories glamorizing your hair. If the front looks super greasy, a bandana or headband would do the trick nicely. SImilarly, for hair that’s falling out, a few cute, rightly-placed bobby pins would make a huge difference in otherwise a disastrous look. If a hair bun seems too basic, replace your hair tie with a scrunchie. Accessories are a great way to instantly amp up your bad hair look and take it up a notch. 


Try A Few DIY Hair Hacks 


Oftentimes, a bad hair day only comes in the form of unmanageable baby hairs and flyaways. Here’s a hack to deal with this. Spritz on a hairspray on a toothbrush and run it through your hair to seal flyaways in place and give your hairdo a neat finishing look. Also, if greasy hair is an issue and Vegan dry shampoo isn’t handy, use a talcum powder instead to get a voluminous, grease-free look. 

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