On the list of problems that blondes struggle with, Brassiness is truly the top-ranked one. As a professional, you'll see your clients who are fed up with battling the uninvited and unwanted warm, sassy undertones that keep being in their golden hair. They need an easy but quick fix. And, it is here! Guess what? It is practical and easy to use. Introducing the GK Hair Leave-­In Bombshell Cream, a perfect pre-styling blonde hair cream.

It has everything that your client's hair needs to look gorgeous yet healthy while maintaining their desired hair­ color! There are definitely some heads turning as soon as your client leaves the salon! Level up the base of the clients with color issues with this mind-blowing blonde hair cream now available in the UK.


Because of the below­ listed super ingredients in this high-performance leave-in cream that caters to all your blonde clients in their fight against brassiness for lustrous, frizz-free, and healthier hair.

Juvexin - It's a keratin-based anti-aging protein mix optimized for hair. It helps in maintaining the natural brilliance of hair and makes sure your clients’ get extra shiny and healthier hair.

Coconut Oil - A pivotal component when it comes to guarding the hair follicles against wear­ &­ gash or damage. This is important because the texture of the hair depends on this. It'll make it softer, brilliant, smoother, and brilliantly revitalized.

Acai - Extracted from a palm tree, is known for being a “superfood for the hair”. This component stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss, strengthens the hair, and protects your clients' hair

from free external changes and premature aging.

Natural Fruit Extracts - Assists in the anti-aging process and helps with invigorating the hair and its roots.



Styling - Your clients need a product that can help them style the way they want without investing time and effort. GK Hair Leave- ­In Bombshell Cream addresses numerous issues including limp hair, split ends, and sassy tones, to name just a many. It can also cover and enhance hair­ health, provide advanced protection from damage, and bring back hair’s natural sprightliness. It’s the ultimate styling aid for golden hair! The whole purpose of your salon is to help your customers look great by styling their hair into show­ stopping masterpieces while protecting the good of their hair with a practical result to maintain their hair brilliance. Clients that walk in with brassy tones will need this product to maintain the blonde of the hair while keeping the strength of their hair.


For a hair professional, it's absolutely pivotal that you know how to apply this product. To guide the customer properly, knowledge of the product usage is vital. Apply on dry or

wet hair, emulsify in the hands, and massage GK Hair Leave­-in Bombshell Cream completely, working it through the middle lengths of hair beaches into the ends. That’s it. Now that the hair color is in check and the texture has come smooth and frizz-free, you can style the guests’ hair according to their desire.
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1. What makes GK Hair Leave-In Bombshell Cream a must-have for blondes?

Ans: This high-performance leave-in cream is enriched with Juvexin, a keratin-based anti-aging protein mix that maintains natural brilliance, and Coconut Oil, safeguarding hair follicles against damage. Acai, a superfood for hair, stimulates growth and protects against external changes. Natural Fruit Extracts contribute to anti-aging, invigorating hair and roots.

2. How does GK Hair Leave-In Bombshell Cream benefit blonde hair styling?

Ans: It addresses issues like limp hair, split ends, and unwanted tones, offering advanced protection from damage and restoring natural vibrancy. Ideal for achieving show-stopping styles, it maintains hair brilliance and strength, making it an essential styling aid for golden hair.

3. What is the recommended usage of GK Hair Leave-In Bombshell Cream for professionals?

Ans: Professionals can apply the cream on dry or wet hair, emulsify in hands, and massage it thoroughly through the middle lengths to ends. This easy application ensures effective control of hair color and texture, providing a smooth, frizz-free finish for versatile styling. Purchase this essential Blonde Hair Cream in the UK from the GK Hair UK Official website to elevate your professional styling services.