People usually prefer shampoos which develop more lather and foam in their hair while shampooing. This foaming agent is basically sulfate in your shampoo which gives the impression of washing the hair gently and producing foamy lather. What are these sulfates? The sulfates are used as a foaming agent and surfactant which serve to disperse the fatty substances in water. They thus help to get rid of the "dirt" that one has on the body and the hair by means of a powerful chemical action. Now, the problem is that these agents that lather the shampoo (even organic sometimes!) with which you happily massage the scalp are also present in most cleaning products, dishwashing liquid or even in Detergents. Sodium laureth sulfate, SLES, sulfates, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, these scientific names all designate the same thing: the sulfates used in hair cosmetics to foam the formulas. 

People think that more lather and foam makes their hair silky and shiny but the truth is far from this commercial strategy, sulfates like Sodium laureth sulfate (or SLES) can be very irritating, drying and allergenic. Generally, shampoos that contain sodium laureth sulfate are also loaded with silicones, an explosive combination that destroys the hair. The silicones serve as a shiny sheath and hide the misdeeds of the sulfates which ultimately stifle and make the hair forked. Sulfate has a treacherous function of lathering the shampoo and giving an illusion of cleanliness once rinsed. We thus tend to think that more foam the product forms, the more our hair is well washed. And yet, foam is not often a guarantee of cleanliness and quality. In the long term, sodium laureth sulfate and SLS weakens the scalp by wearying the natural keratin of the hair. Moreover, sulfates can be absorbed by our bodies, causing damage often irreversible to certain organs, such as the liver. It is easy to understand that by removing the sulfate from our hair, we can attain a gesture of beauty and health.






More specifically, using an organic sulfate-free shampoo will benefit those with dry hair. Sulfate has indeed the bad habit of absorbing the serum of the scalp and therefore drying it. A process that, in some cases, even leads to the formation of dandruff. These sulfates do not play any part to make your hair healthy, they rather make the hair rough and damaged internally. A better alternative towards healthy hair is a sulfate free shampoo available in markets. Initially you might not feel the same silk and shine in your hair but your hair will start to repair in the long run and strengthen up. Organic-based sulfate free shampoos are usually produced from natural ingredients needed for hair growth. Additionally, they are helpful in protecting and repairing your hair. On the other hand, sulfate shampoos break your hair follicles extracting all the essential oils from your hair.



Vegan Clarifying Shampoo



To save your hair from further dryness, damage and brittleness, chose the GK Hair sulfate free hair care products and shampoos. GK Hair makes completely organic, harmful chemical-free shampoos which help in sustaining your hair texture, strengthening your hair follicles, protecting your scalp and increasing hair growth. GK Hair sulfate free shampoo range enlists Balancing Shampoo, pH+ Clarifying Shampoo, Juvexin Shield Shampoo, Gold Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and the new Silver Bombshell Shampoo. These shampoos and all GK Hair products contain Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for the hair to retain the youthful state of your hair.

You should immediately shift over to sulfate free and chemical free shampoos to have healthy, flawless and radiant hair with essential ingredients and nutrients which can be found in GK Hair products.