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Lavender Bombshell Masque

Color Masque

Thinking of revamping your hair colour with vibrant lavender tones? Try GK Hair Lavender Bombshell Masque, a magi. . .
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Thinking of revamping your hair colour with vibrant lavender tones? Try GK Hair Lavender Bombshell Masque, a magic hair masque that leaves your hair vibrant purple in no time. All you need is 30 minutes to unravel its luminous results. To get incredible, vibrant lavender locks, apply on pre-lightened hair. What makes the Bombshell Masque special, and the best hair masque? It gives not only your hair a vibrant, lavender touch but also leaves your hair soft, smooth and manageable, thanks to its ingredients: Juvexin which maintains the natural brilliance of hair, and Natural Oils that moisturize the hair. Get ready for some vibrant, shiny purple strands. Bombshell Hair Masque is not a permanent hair color and lasts up to 10 washes only. Now available in the UK.
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Wearing gloves, apply evenly on clean and damp hair. Gently massage masque into hair and let it sit for 20-30 mins. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with GK Hair conditioner. For the most dramatic results apply on pre-lightened hair.

Juvexin: (A keratin based anti-aging protein blend) restores and protects your hair from environmental damage.
Grape and Raspberry Extracts: Deliver alpha linolenic acid to keep your scalp and hair conditioned and healthy
Vitamin E: Nourishes and protects your hair from free radicals, preventing breakdown in your scalp and hair
Formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA and TEA. We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals. Our Bombshell masques are ammonia, enthanolomine, and peroxide-free.

  • Vibrant, semi-permanent color
  • Hydrates
  • Adds shine

Bright, vibrant color

Deposits beautiful purple color lasting up to 9 washes

Illuminating shine

Wheat Protein helps your hair retain moisture, leaving it smooth, soft, and radiant.

stronger, healthier hair

Juvexin builds hair strength and prevents degradation

asked questions

Color Bombshell Masques are pigmented conditioning masques. They come in three colors, Red Red, Lavender and Ultra Blonde. Infused with Juvexin and natural ingredients, these masques ensure that your hair health isn’t compromised. You can use them as color enhancers or as temporary hair color without worrying about hair damage.
Yes, the same tube can provide both permanent and demi-permanent results depending upon the developer being used.
Results of Bombshell Color Masques last from 8-10 washes.
There are 87 shades in GK Hair Juvexin Crème Color Line.
8 and 10 volume developers are used for deposit only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Carolyn Lippincott

It does everything it promises, if you have 3-20 mins per wash to do it. The instructions state you must apply it to saturated hair and leave on for 3-20 mins. Unfortunately I dont have time for that in the mornings

A review from our customer in US

Dana in Franklin
Still figuring it out

Takes more than expected to dye longer hair and only has about 2 MAYBE 3 dyes worth in a bottle and the dye washes out much faster than a semi permanent is supposed to. Had to cut the bottle open to get the last quarter or so of dye.

A review from our customer in US

Amber Preminger
My New Favorite Color Enhancer and Refresher

I've used quite a few temporary hair colors in my time. Most left my hair stiff or sticky. They ofter would transfer to my skin and clothes. This is not the case!! I put this on dry hair, because my hair isn't super light. I let it sit for over 30 minutes, because I forgot to set a timer. It worked gorgeously!!! It colored my hair amazing. My hair is soft and lightweight!! The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is because my roots would not take the color. My roots are virgin hair and not really any darker than the rest or my hair. I even did a second coat on just the roots. Despite that, I will definitely use this brand again!!

A review from our customer in US

Sarah W.
Pump is broken.

1st picture: I got my hair bleached and dyed pink at a salon. After 1 week the color was faded to pink/orange and by 3 weeks it was its bleached color. This photo was taken the same day as using the product.Picture 2: I applied to my hair while it was DRY for a more drastic look since i read that advice in other reviews. I basically used it like box dye; applied by sections, brushed through, and then lathered at the end. it was definitely on my brown hair but didnt change it at all, only the bleached parts.*** it will stain your sink or whatever it touches so wash it off as soon as you can. I kept a sponge nearby so whenever some dropped i could clean it quickly.** it also stained my skin but i removed it very easily by putting some nail polish remover on a paper towel and then rubbing my skin.3rd photo: I left it on for 40 minutes and then rinsed it out. My hair was soft and smelled really good from it. This is after rinsing it out and you can see how well it worked after just one use!!4th, 5th, and 6th photos: This is the next morning after styling

A review from our customer in US

cheryl bittner
Great for redheads

Love how it keeps my hair a vibrant blue purple, mind you I had my hair done in December blue purple so I bought this because I wanted to keep my colors vibrant and no fade. I have previously bought this for my red pink hair.

A review from our customer in US