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The Best Hair Professional Kit 300ml

Hair Treatment

Revitalise your dry, brittle hair with GK Hair The Best Hair Treatment, a formula designed for frizzy and dull ha. . .
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Revitalise your dry, brittle hair with GK Hair The Best Hair Treatment, a formula designed for frizzy and dull hair. The treatment comes as a kit as well, so that you can have this miracle keratin treatment at home. This Hair Smoothing Treatment Kit features GK Hair pH+ Shampoo, GK Hair The Best Treatment, and GK Hair Moisturising Duo. Clarifying shampoo helps in preparing hair for Keratin Smoothing Treatment, since the treatment works on clean hair. The Moisturising Duo helps in prolonging the results of the treatment. This Keratin Hair Treatment Kit is the best way to reduce the hassle of styling your hair every day, and leaves your hair soft, smooth and manageable for up to 6 months. Follow the steps for the application on the kit. If you are getting the smoothing treatment done in the salon, ask for GK Hair aftercare products to prolong the treatment. Now available in the UK as well. 1- PH+ Shampoo 3.4 fl.oz.

1- The Best Treatment 3.4 fl.oz. 1- Moisturizing Shampoo Color Protection 10.1 fl.oz. 1- Moisturizing Conditioner Color Protection 10.1 fl.oz. 1- Deep Conditioner 0.67 fl.oz
1- Bowl, Brush, Gloves, and Shower Cap

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Wash hair twice with the pH+ Shampoo before the application to open up the cuticles. Each shampoo should be left on the hair for three minutes per application to open the cuticles properly. Avoid massaging scalp. Section the hair. Apply 1⁄4 inch away from the scalp. Process the hair for 40-60 minutes. Rinse the hair with warm water until the hair is free of The Best. If the hair is color-treated or porous, shampoo with GKhair Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo then rinse. Apply the Deep Conditioner for five minutes then rinse. Blow-dry the hair and flat iron to seal the cuticles. 

Juvexin: A keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for restoring hair from the inside out, returning it to a more youthful state. Protects against future damage and environmental effects by creating a shield over each hair strand.  
NATURAL SMOOTHING AMINO ACIDS: Taken from plants to provide viscosity, texture, and conditioning. 
NATURAL SEED EXTRACTS: Act as rich emollients to slow the loss of moisture from the hair, maintaining smooth and nourished strands. 

  • Smooths Hair
  • Straightens Hair
  • Retains Moisture

Smooths And Strengthens

Restore your hair’s natural oil and pH levels.

Lock In Hydration

Replenishes dry hair without weighing it down


Juvexin maintains hair strength and prevents degradation

asked questions

1. Wash hair twice with the pH+ Shampoo, leave the shampoo on hair for at least 3 minutes during each application. Avoid massaging your scalp. 2. Section the hair starting at the nape of the neck and begin to apply ½-inches away from the scalp using the application brush to apply “The Best” on each ½-inch sections of hair while massaging into the hair with your fingers. The hair should be saturated with The Best. DO NOT APPLY ON THE SCALP. 4. Leave product in hair for 40-60 minutes. (60 minutes for maximum smoothing result) Cover the hair with a plastic cap. 5. Rinse product out of hair with warm water. For color-treated hair: apply GK Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo and rinse. Apply Deep Conditioner for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. 6. Blow-dry the hair straight on high heat with a round brush using sufficient tension to smooth the hair until 100% dry. 7. Section the hair and flat iron with GK Hair Titanium Flat iron at 400 degrees. If the hair is overprocessed, flat-iron at 375 degrees, lower the temperature further if the hair is very weak and damaged; especially towards the ends of the hair. Pass the flat iron about 2-4 times in each section. 8. Clients are free to wash their hair at any time after the treatment, using GK Hair Shampoos and Conditioners fortified with Juvexin to maintain the results of the treatment.
The Best works on all hair types. Custom smoothing results can be achieved depending on the requirements of the client.
Please be informed that you can apply the color and The Best Keratin treatment on the same day. However, we recommend to use only deposit color following The Best treatment with 10 volume developer or lower.
The Best is 100% free from Formaldehyde.
Where there are no restrictions, we cannot quite guarantee the same results on henna-dyed hair as it’s very hard to open the cuticle of henna dyed hair.

Customer Reviews

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Heba Hamed

The Best Hair Professional Kit 300ml

fantastic product

I love this keratin, I have done keratin treatments since I was 15 years old, spending a ton of money and the results were not even close to what I get with this keratin, This is my favorite so far.I forget to take a picture of the results right after I finish but I post a picture of 3 weeks later (update: after 3 months still looks like that), even when I wash my hair almost every day.A friend helped me to do it and it takes a long time, we spend around 3 hours, but it totally worth it, we follow the instructions of the bottle.I have short hair and this 4 oz bottle has enough and I have a little bit extra.I will definitely buy this product again.

A review from our customer in US

Megan McCaffrey
Literally the before and after pics of Mia in The Princess Diaries could be used for this product

I didnt have extremely high expectations since it is an online purchase of a service that salons cost 200+ more for. The actual process was so-so, fumes were not fun but nothing unmanageable. The entire thing was one big "am i doing this right?" Also!! The box did not come with gloves so purchase ahead of time and don't be me who used zip lock bagss. I didn't wash my hair for the full three days because its quarantine so honestly who cares lol. After washing my hair I was nervous as it air dried but oh my gooooood its like im wearing a wig. This is what i WISHED my natural hair would be like--sooooo silky smooth no frizz. My natural hair was Hermione Granger sorcerer's stone/chamber of secrets level and right now I feel like Marcia Brady or any of the Barbie dolls I had growing up. 10/10 hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of.

A review from our customer in US

Jany Lesslie
Keep breathing

I have had it in my hair for about 5 weeks now. My hair has started to get frizzy again but it has been a great not having to deal with the friz, even if it's a little bit of time. I don't mind the wave or curl but the friz was the challenge. My hair was pretty straight for a couple weeks though which was also nice. I plan to repeat in a week. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation!!!!

A review from our customer in US

Love it!

Waited to document a review in effort for the longevity of the results. Its been a month and so far- Same as when I first did my hair!FUMES - yes they are bad, but I wore a mask and eye goggles and had a fan blowing at me to rid the fumes away from my face. That worked great! Of course, I looked anything but during the process but happy overall. I have very thin hair to the middle of my back and only used Half so In a few months I can repeat:)

A review from our customer in US