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GK Hair Gold Shampoo provides unparalleled smoothing to your hair whilst restoring it back to its yo. . .
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GK Hair Gold Shampoo provides unparalleled smoothing to your hair whilst restoring it back to its youthful state. It provides strength and shine, whilst removing all unwanted oily impurities. The nourishing shampoo comprises of ALOE VERA, SHEA BUTTER & ARGAN OIL to protect, nourish and restore hair health, giving it suppleness & shine. GK Hair Gold Shampoo comprises of rare floral fragrances that bring a feeling of exquisite exuberance. Meanwhile, the JUVEXIN® fortified formula brings strength and smoothing to all types of hair. The shampoo gives you silky and shiny hair from the first use. Buy now GK Hair Gold Shampoo for frizz-free and extra moisturized hair.
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Shampoo and conditioner daily to protect the hair from damage and provide superior moisturizing and cleansing with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to smooth the hair. Apply Gold Serum on wet or dry hair.

ALOE VERA : adds moisture to the hair follicle.
SHEA BUTTER: Ultimate smoothing. ARGAN OIL: Luxurious shine and styling aid.. 
Free From Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DEA, TEA. We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals. 

  • Soft Alluring Shine.
  • Luxurious Moisturizing.
  • Exquisite Floral fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Looooooove it!!!

I don't know what i expected however, the amount of hair loss has been reduced considerably. I do have to use a conditioner in addition to this as my hair is my drier with this product.This is an update after going through my first bottle of GKHair . A couple of months ago, my hair was thinning and and many strands a day were falling out. Today, I can't say my hair is thicker, but I can say I am not loosing hair at any rate I was a few months ago. Combine this with taking hair growth vitamins and reducing my stress level, I am quite happy with this product. Also, a note from my barber, I actually have new hair growing. ALL POSITIVE EVENTS. I HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE TO PURCHASE AND USE GKHair SHAMPOO.

Ned and Nelly
Nice, natural, and tingly

My hair is falling out. I find it all over the house and have lost about 50% of my hair. This shampoo and conditioner does help with my shedding. I was amazed. I usually have a ton of hair in the shower but when I use this I have very little. The smell is very "herby" Wish I could describe it but impossible. It does take some time to get use to the smell. I have no idea why I am losing my hair nor do the doctors but this has helped the shedding. Also great company. When I received mine, the shampoo had leaked and I lost about 2oz of shampoo. I called them and instead of sending it back and getting a new one they just sent me a new bottle and let me keep the other bottle. How fantastic is that!

Laken Oliver

Love this shampoo! This is the second bottle I've purchased and that says it all. I DON'T buy anything again if it is not the best I've had. At 75 it's hard to tell if it's stopping the hair loss, but it really keeps my scalp and hair feeling super clean.

Happy with the product - will re-order - UPDATE

I don't think its worth the price. Never really got a soapy feel like most shampoo. Never really got a super clean feeling like most shampoo. I have thin hair and it didn't make much difference.

Brian Nakayama

It's worth buying and trying. I am sure everyone's head is different but it works for me. I used about year ago and got great results (hair loss stopped and hair felt thicker) . But for some reason, eventually I switched to another shampoo for thinning hair and (yikes!) six months later my hair was really thin again! I just switched back and my hair has stopped shedding. Now I am just waiting for it to grow back in like last year. I am sticking with GKHair . It's gold to me and worth the price. PS I massage it in at the roots, let it sit on the roots for a minute or so and that seems to work best. Good luck!